Our pricing

Our pricing varies based on the forms that are required to be filed.  Here you will find ranges that hopefully will give you some idea of how much your tax return will cost.

  1. $20-$40
    While the 1040 EZ no longer exists, it still does in our pricing. If you are single or married filing jointly with only w-2 or retirement income and no dependents this is your return. The fee for this type of tax return is $20 for federal and $20 for state.
    Simple tax return - Formerly the 1040 EZ
  2. $45-$150
    This price range includes anyone with any other income besides only w-2 income (self-employment, rental, farm, IRA/401K early withdrawl, etc.) It also includes things like education credits, adoption credits, childcare credit, earned income credit, student loan interest, etc. Federal returns start at $25 and state is generally always $20.
    Moderate Tax Return
  3. $150-600
    Generally these are the partnerships, corporations, or individuals with many different types of incomes and credits.
    Difficult Tax Return